Yvonne Taylor Photographer



After a brief career as a model, Yvonne Taylor gravitated to the other side of the lens when she noticed that a particular quality of light and just the right angle were critical in defining  a subjects intrinsic quality of beauty. It was that beauty that captured her attention and fueled her desire to reconcile what was flawed to perfection. She loved landscapes and nature but always imagined people interacting with the environment somewhere in the shot.

Beauty as a concept of virtue and dignity and not simply physical perfection presented challenges. The concept of 'Whole Beauty' and the various states of becoming, became her focus. Process and the myriad motions of achieving an end is the constant pursuit of photographer Yvonne Taylor. She believes as a visual artist she sees in part, particulars of a whole and universal beauty. She believes there is an exhaustive and 'Whole Beauty' that is objective and exists for it's own sake, is worthy of being pursued and can be understood in particulars as a part as a whole. "We can only see in part," she believes, but "what we see is valid and real". The images displayed on this site represent some of the interaction with the process of defining her part of the concept of 'Whole Beauty'.